Locating Yorke Peninsula’s lone apostle.

Locating Yorke Peninsula’s lone apostle.

Embarking on a walk over the towering cliffs of the south end of Yorke Peninsula, we made a journey to try and discover the one lone apostle. A lonely fisherman had reported seeing this legendary rock from his boat in the ocean. But no land living creature, that we knew, had ever pointed out this amazing discovery to us.

Did we really have an apostle? Victoria had twelve, (Yeah right!! There are really only eight and rumour has it, there never, ever were twelve, it was simply a marketing ploy.)

Could South Australia possibly have just one for a few isolated adventurers like me and my husband?
Well we were about to find out!
We felt like the explorers of old….phone, water, sun hat, insect repel, camera, good shoes, snake protectors etc.

I think the explorers of old had note paper instead of a camera, old boots instead of good Nike trekking shoes, kerosene as insect repellent, and as the movies depict they always lost their water on the way so almost died of thirst!!

No dying on the journey for us we’re far too clever and modern.

Cliffs South Australian coastline

Above…looking forward along the coastline

South Australian coastline

Looking back you can see the West Cape light house way in the distance.

Coastline South Australia

And there it is in all its glory. We found it!

Green sea water

Looking down.

Coastline South Australia
Coastline South Australia
Rough countryside
The lone Apostle South Australia
Waiting for the surf to come up

Yeah that way mate!

Two kangaroos
Rough terrain
The lone apostle
Beautiful rock formation

TIME TAKEN: Just under one hour to walk there, 30 minutes of taking photos and resting. Basically it took the best part of two and a half hours.

APOSTLE LOCATED: Yes bought a tear to my eye… majestical.

LIVING CREATURES: One shingle back lizard and quite a few kangaroos, and crows.

SIGNS OF HUMAN ACTIVITY: Not a single beer bottle, or cigarette butt, or foot print, now that’s worth seeing!

YES, South Australia does have an Apostle, difficult to find, but picturesque and worth the walk!


The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our heart and gives us...

Jul 22, 2022

Painting with your soul, the distant lighthouse

Painting with your soul, the distant lighthouse


If you could photograph with your soul, what would your photos look like?

Art is what you see in your soul. Art is a dream you have inside your heart. I photograph what I consider to be some of the most beautiful elements of our earth. Then I add my own interpretation of how I see this picture in my heart.

A painter can paint the thoughts of his heart. A photographer must photograph a scene that is, as it is. If you know what I mean?
Therefore I will remove a piece of rubbish, or add an extra star, or colour the sea a shade greener….and so on. I love to add the painters element to the things I see with my eye.

The distant lighthouse stands alone on these outcrops of land. Beacons of hope for sailors in the night. The wild ocean is to be revered and auspiciously navigated. A lighthouse illuminates that which is to be avoided.

I have endeavoured to paint with my photography a picture of the life of a lighthouse.

A lighthouse gives us direction…Psalm 119.105. Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. 

A beacon of hope shining light into the stormy seas of life.

pink sunset and a distant lighthouse
Big waves and distant lighthouse
Cape Spencer lighthouse
Yacht and lighthouse
A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
waves and Althorpe lighthouse
Yacht race
Light house in the distance
West Cape
Fun with photoshop lighthouse
West Cape in the big storm
Yacht and Althorpe Island in background
West Cape light house sunset
Cape Spencer lighthouse
Cape Spencer lighthouse


The Althorpe Island lighthouse is accompanied by three cottages. Three families lived there for many years manning the lighthouse. This island is isolated and can only be accessed by boat. A life devoted to preventing shipwrecks. But the seas still had their way as their are quite a number of shipwrecks around the tip of Yorke Peninsula.


The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a...

Jul 22, 2022

Why slow living could be good for you.

Why slow living could be good for you.

This is all the new trend….but I do tend to like this idea of slow living. For I often find I am in a rush. I have this anxious feeling of rushing through all my daily tasks, to bring them to completion asap.
This anxious, rushing, feeling, I can trace back to my childhood. You see from the age of seven, I have had to deal with migraine headaches. Very debilitating until around age 45, whereby some miracle, they lessened in severity. But from somewhere around my teenage years, I felt I had to rush to get everything completed in case I got sick with a migraine and had to spend hours in bed with a massive headache. This became a very deeply entrenched habit. More especially in the years I was raising children, you see everything had to be perfect and in order in case anything went wrong.
But as I got older, I have had to retrain my brain and remind myself, they are only mild these days why the panic? Tomorrow is another day with a new beginning and a little mess is not going to hurt.
SLOW DOWN, who cares if you take a rest.

Just how do you slow down?

Gather less stuff. We take nothing into this world and we take nothing out when we leave.
Read the bible and pray. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Begin the day with peaceful, positive thoughts.
Retrain your mind to stop and enjoy.
Be grateful and make an effort to thank God for all the good things in life.

Are you a genuine rusher like myself?
Stop and, look around…..what can you see, what can you hear?

A yacht moored for the night swaying in the breezy evening air.
The pink galahs singing in the trees. 
Or pink galahs flying overhead
Sipping coffee in a garden.
Children singing in the background,
Or the laughs of children climbing the sand dunes.
A moonlit night.
A person bathing in the salty seawater.
Children swimming till dusk.
A blue and white wave crashing on the shoreline…… 
A pink bedroom to relax in.
A pink sunset
A trip on a boat out to sea.
And Spotting a sea lion relaxing.

Hmm there is alot of pink in there… I am sure it is a very “slow living” colour!!

Those are truly the things that will make us slow down a little and become enchanted with the daily simplicity’s of life.

A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
Galahs in the evening light
Sea lion relaxing at sea
Waiting for the surf to come up
Wedge island
Outdoors our beach house
A pink bedroom with wooden walls
Lounge with wooden walls
Coffee and magazine
Walking over sand dunes
Two fishing boats in the moonlight
Children and mother walking
Beautiful beach at sunset
Yacht parked for the night
Girls swimming in ocean
Children swimming in the twilight
Out at sea, blue towel
pink galahs flying

The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our heart and...

Jul 22, 2022

Tips on keeping safe at our South Australian beaches.

Tips on keeping safe at our South Australian beaches.

Penguin Point

In the Australian summer on the south coast we can be bothered by many things, flies, mosquitoes, snakes, march flies, a hot sun, ants, jelly fish, sting rays, pounding waves and vicious under tows……you would think that a sunny day at the beach would be the worst place to be in Australia. And yet we flock to the beaches, and enjoy the wonders of a spectacular and yet unpredictable coastline.
I have learnt a few lessons over the years that seem to keep me safe, try these and see if you are happier at the seashore.

1. Having been washed out to sea in seconds when I was a lot younger I am very cautious to check the area for rips. Firstly read the signs and take heed. Look for an area with no waves and white water going out to sea. Stay close to the shore and put your feet on the ground regularly.
2. I never venture out too deep if the area is known for sharks, which is most of our coastline.
3. I apply sunscreen, and reapply later especially my face, and lately I’ve taken to carrying a very light sarong which I immediately drape around my shoulders as soon as I get out of the water. Always wear a sun hat.
4. I never, ever swim alone.
5. I carry an insect net which goes over my sun hat and use it when I need to. Flies are notoriously attracted to facial features, especially mine, and South Aussie has many flies. You can use an insect repellent if you like.
6. I check the ocean waves before setting up camp, especially at surfing beaches where the waves can come in a lot further unannounced. Let me explain. Many years ago with my brand new camera we were equipped and ready to photograph the surfers for the day. Umbrella up and gear placed neatly in piles, within about 10 minutes a huge “after surge” from a powerful wave raced up the beach and absolutely saturated all our gear including my new lens. Fortunately I had my camera in my hand only the lens was ruined. Towels all soaking, food all gone…etc. I learnt my lesson the hard way, when the surf is up you keep a big distance from the shoreline.
7. Never go to an Aussie beach without an umbrella. It gets very hot here. We have a new umbrella which has a tie down for windy days. A marvellous invention.
8. Travel lightly. Buy lightweight cameras, …lightweight umbrella and chairs etc.
9. Don’t take those silly blow up toys out on our beaches when the day is windy, which is most days along our coastline. Two summers ago we had a drowning as a mother tried to save her child who was blown out to sea on a blow up floatation animal.
9.Don’t touch jelly fish, don’t touch stingrays, and look out for concealed rocks beneath the sand. Many a stubbed toe has resulted from kicking an unmovable rock just under the sand.
10. If you are going to venture along the cliffs for a few photographs, either watch out for snakes or wear snake protectors.
11. Don’t take young children swimming at a big wave beach.

I guess that has put you off our beaches…is this my secret weapon for keeping you off the incredibly pristine beaches in South Australia? Well I hope not!
Many flock to the overcrowded beaches in Queensland, where you sit within two inches of another tanned, greased body. But the South Australian coastline although isolated is extremely beautiful and truly lovely for swimming.
Wherever you are, stay safe.



Wendy Philip - artist.

Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth. I photograph mainly local landscapes. I am a story teller, writing a blog when I feel inspired. I also have a love for houses and interior and exterior decor. Stay with me and venture into the wonderful world of photography and beyond.

Photograhic art


It’s all about the surfing.

It’s all about the surfing.

We have a beach house at the bottom end of Yorke Peninsula and as I have mentioned in my other blogs, we have been frequenting these beaches in this area for many years.

It’s always been all about the surfing. Right from the beginning when my children were little we had to choose a holiday destination that had waves. At the tip of Yorke Peninsula, the various beaches around the peninsula are known for their great surfing waves. Consequently over the years we grew to love all these spots.

My love for photography also grew over the years and one of the most challenging aspects, was the capturing of fast moving bodies on a wave. However as was my custom, time and time again while waiting for one of them to catch a wave, my thoughts and the direction of my camera would drift off to survey the sights. A bird, a yacht, a beautiful cloud, some sun bathers, what ever it was, inevitably I would miss the golden shot.

That evening while viewing the photographs of the day, I would be reprimanded… “Oh my goodness, she’s done it again, photographed a bird instead of my tube!!”


Surfer in a wave
Waves and grasses
Big wave
Surfing with a jet ski
Seaweed and surfer
Seagull in sepia
Surfer walking

The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our...

Jul 22, 2022