Black and white book on a bed cover

The influence the ocean has on our homes is subtle but nearly always evident.
Take a look around your home, do you have a shell or two, a blue and white pillow, a potted palm, a framed pic of a boat or yacht, a sea shell necklace, the list goes on?
The ocean, vast and majestical, influences our taste in decor and home furnishings.
I have compiled a few black and white images showing contrasting items which can be related to our surroundings.
For me there is nothing more satisfying than bringing the outdoors in. We have always made spaces outside our home to eat, entertain, and play. A chair, a sunshade, a swimming pool, a garden. We actually prefer eating outside than inside, weather permitting.
I can’t live on the ocean shoreline, but I love to make my home as if it were similar in feel and style, the soft afternoon breezes, the crying seagulls, the hint of sea spray……