Black and white book on a bed cover

The influence the ocean has on our homes is subtle but nearly always evident.
Take a look around your home, do you have a shell or two, a blue and white pillow, a potted palm, a framed pic of a boat or yacht, a sea shell necklace, the list goes on?
The ocean, vast and majestical, influences our taste in decor and home furnishings.
I have compiled a few black and white images showing contrasting items which would look beautiful on any wall in our home.

1. Waves of course have patterns, lines and give the viewer a sense of motion.

2. A boat or yacht can convey a sense of freedom. Yachts are one of my favorite things to photograph. The white sail contrasts beautifully with the darker background colour of the ocean.
3. Seabirds another idea which gives a sense of freedom, soaring, flying, gazing. Seabirds make great images which can be converted into balck and white.

4. A splash of colour in a black and white image draws the eye to a particular object.

5. Don’t be afraid of going all light but with one dark object. Contrast is always good in a black and white image.

6. Busy beach scenes seem to be all the go at the moment. So chose a hot afternoon and head to a crowded beach. It’s so much fun planning and instigating a simple photoshoot like this. Take lots of images and then view the details up close. You’ll see people chatting, people eating, swimmers, dogs, children, sandcastles, and all manner of things.

7. Black and white images are definitely my preference, my walls are enhanced with black and whites from one end of my house to the other. Black and white is timeless. It will not date as quickly as colour. I encourage you to get your black and white ocean images framed and put them on your walls.