About me


Hi, I’m Wendy, photographer, artist and blogger, lover of coffee, and living a good life.

My Story:

It all began some 20 years ago when I picked up a camera and basically only put it down to eat and sleep. Photography has touched a part of my heart I never knew exsisted before.

It is about creating art on a digital file. It is the ethereal transference of what I see and feel on to a screen, then onto photographic paper.

I use the simplest of equipment and techniques and enjoy the creative process of editing my images.

It is often the natural and uncomplicated things in life that move me to photograph, a field of long golden grass and you hear the swish of the sheaves swaying, a gentle slope of snow which catches a wisp of pink mist in the early morning sun.

I listen…the sound of the cold air is like a heaven sent whisper, some tall trees wherein I hear the sounds of eternity in the canopy of needles. Dappled light, I hear music, I see foamy waves, I hear thunder, I smell the heat of the day, I taste the ice of a frozen morning, I could go on….

I don’t look for the complicated or most sought after icons of this world, I look for the things that bring a normality of peacefulness and a feeling that everything is going to be alright.

I photograph because I love to, it’s that place where I am free to live and dream!

I love local and all of my photographs are taken in Australia and my birthplace New Zealand.

I’d love you to visit again for fresh ideas and new prints.