Progress on the beach house

Progress on the beach house

Progress has been slow over the winter. Heaps of rain so the water tanks are over flowing. However we have been able to work on the inside as most of the outside is finished.

I have made a tiny garden of local plants. All the same type of grasses for a unified, coherent kind of effect. The ground is very sandy and it is certainly best to chose local plants as not much grows in this area.

We still have plenty to do, but at least we can sleep in the beach house and not in a caravan any longer.

I chose wood for the walls due to its warm feel and the natural vibe it adds to any home.

I’ve made a path out the front from some old left over slate and put white rocks along the front. These limestone rocks are everywhere here. I dont think I’ve seen one beach shack without these limestone rocks.

It is such a lovely place so peaceful and relaxing. Nature at its finest.


holiday house
picture of two women
wooden walls
bedroom in holiday home
Empty room

I will do another update when I can. Growth of plants is slow and keeping bugs away is a constant chore. But what a joy. Goodbye caravan, hello permanent beach house!!