Light blue, is good for your soul.

Light blue, is good for your soul.

Cloud on a bee beach

With this blog I am begining a series on colour. 

Colour lightens our life and adds such a beautiful dimension to all we see. How clever is our God to come up with a concept like colour. Through our eyes we absorb the beauty of creation in an array of colours. Each sunset, each green grassy slope, each red harsh desert, the ocean, greens to deep blues… one certainly could write pages of descriptions, endless and timeless.

We need light to see these colours, darkness cannot comprehend or display any colour at all.

One of the most soothing colours apparently is light blue. Soft and gentle, cool and clear. From snowy mountains captured in the South Island of New Zealand to brilliant coastal sights captured in South Australia. 


Why slow living could be good for you.

Why slow living could be good for you.

This is all the new trend….but I do tend to like this idea of slow living. For I often find I am in a rush. I have this anxious feeling of rushing through all my daily tasks, to bring them to completion asap.
This anxious, rushing, feeling, I can trace back to my childhood. You see from the age of seven, I have had to deal with migraine headaches. Very debilitating until around age 45, whereby some miracle, they lessened in severity. But from somewhere around my teenage years, I felt I had to rush to get everything completed in case I got sick with a migraine and had to spend hours in bed with a massive headache. This became a very deeply entrenched habit. More especially in the years I was raising children, you see everything had to be perfect and in order in case anything went wrong.
But as I got older, I have had to retrain my brain and remind myself, they are only mild these days why the panic? Tomorrow is another day with a new beginning and a little mess is not going to hurt.
SLOW DOWN, who cares if you take a rest.

Just how do you slow down?

Gather less stuff. We take nothing into this world and we take nothing out when we leave.
Read the bible and pray. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Begin the day with peaceful, positive thoughts.
Retrain your mind to stop and enjoy.
Be grateful and make an effort to thank God for all the good things in life.

Are you a genuine rusher like myself?
Stop and, look around…..what can you see, what can you hear?

A yacht moored for the night swaying in the breezy evening air.
The pink galahs singing in the trees. 
Or pink galahs flying overhead
Sipping coffee in a garden.
Children singing in the background,
Or the laughs of children climbing the sand dunes.
A moonlit night.
A person bathing in the salty seawater.
Children swimming till dusk.
A blue and white wave crashing on the shoreline…… 
A pink bedroom to relax in.
A pink sunset
A trip on a boat out to sea.
And Spotting a sea lion relaxing.

Hmm there is alot of pink in there… I am sure it is a very “slow living” colour!!

Those are truly the things that will make us slow down a little and become enchanted with the daily simplicity’s of life.

A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
Galahs in the evening light
Sea lion relaxing at sea
Waiting for the surf to come up
Wedge island
Outdoors our beach house
A pink bedroom with wooden walls
Lounge with wooden walls
Coffee and magazine
Walking over sand dunes
Two fishing boats in the moonlight
Children and mother walking
Beautiful beach at sunset
Yacht parked for the night
Girls swimming in ocean
Children swimming in the twilight
Out at sea, blue towel
pink galahs flying

The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our heart and...

Jul 22, 2022

Progress on the beach house

Progress on the beach house

Progress has been slow over the winter. Heaps of rain so the water tanks are over flowing. However we have been able to work on the inside as most of the outside is finished.

I have made a tiny garden of local plants. All the same type of grasses for a unified, coherent kind of effect. The ground is very sandy and it is certainly best to chose local plants as not much grows in this area.

We still have plenty to do, but at least we can sleep in the beach house and not in a caravan any longer.

I chose wood for the walls due to its warm feel and the natural vibe it adds to any home.

It is such a lovely place so peaceful and relaxing. Nature at its finest.

holiday house
picture of two women
wooden walls
bedroom in holiday home
Empty room

The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our heart and gives us peace, happiness and quiet. We believe we may have found this perfect spot, a place beside the ocean, a place with...

|Jul 22, 2022

Yellow canola

Canola fields are here again

The canola fields of South Australia are quite spectacular. Yellow being the brightest visible colour in the spectrum make these fields an eye catching sight. The colour yellow is uplifting and joyous, but is also calming and relaxing. I find these farmers fields...

|Sep 28, 2022

The beach house

The beach house

In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our heart and gives us peace, happiness and quiet. We believe we may have found this perfect spot, a place beside the ocean, a place with memories a place that is quiet……

The love one has for the ocean is beyond all boundaries and can often be traced back to childhood. Long days spent lying on sunny sands and cool nights awaiting sleep while listening to the sound of the crashing waves on worn grey pebbles.The fisherman is indeed married to the sea and the surfer has inexplicable longings to master the relentless, whitecapped wave. The ocean never leaves or forsakes its lovers, it permeates deep into their soul, where water meets water. And the sky meets the horizon, and the sandy land is impressionable upon its inhabitants.

Our family have been holidaying in Yorke Peninsula for over thirty years. On the very first visit, in Casurina camping ground, we encountered a rustic, rugged, and dramatic environment, which tested our bodies and camping abilities to the extreme.Things have not changed much from that time. The huge waves, the rugged surfer, the strange but friendly emus, the orange kangaroos, the enormous cliffs, the lonely uninhabited islands, the shipwrecked coastline, the sultry fisherman, all of this has made for a holiday destination which captivates the heart of the adventurer, the explorer, the sun soaker, the swimmer, the surfer and any other who enjoys the saturating experiences of nature.
All and everything in its finality that we have learnt, is that whilst we are packing to drive back to our homes, our hearts are full and yet silently empty. We cannot speak, words would destroy the beauty of our holiday experiences, and any sound is a sign that we are departing this strange but very magnificent place.
The one point of hope is that we will return, for now/today we have made a claim to a small portion of sandy land and our dream is to build a tiny holiday home to bring all those old memories back to life again!