5 ways to photograph with your heart

5 ways to photograph with your heart


If you could photograph with your soul, what would your photos look like?

Art is what you see in your soul. Art is a dream you have inside your heart.


How do you transfer what you feel in your heart and soul into a photograph???

1. I photograph what I consider to be some of the most beautiful elements of our earth. Then I add my own interpretation of how I see this picture in my heart. Therefore photograph what you consider to be beautiful. Photograph the things, the people, objects or landscapes that give you pleasure.

2. A painter can paint the thoughts of his heart. A photographer must photograph a scene that is, as it is. If you know what I mean?
Therefore I will remove a piece of rubbish, or add an extra star, or colour the sea a shade greener….and so on. I love to add the painters element to the things I see with my eye. So let your heart dominate when you are editing.

3. Photograph when you get that awesome feeling of…..YES this is what I have been waiting for. Get up early or stay up late. That feeling is often not there, but that is what we wait for. It can be pure chance that the light is right, the land is right, the weather is right….etc. The first image of the lighthouse was one of those days for me, truly magnificent.

4. Some images are when things were not quite in alignment with no awesome feeling, but I practised my art regardless. The sun does not always shine and the moon is not always full.  There are days when things just dont go right. Persist and persist again.

5. Be passionate about your art. Don’t leave it alone for too long. Your passion will come out in your images. They say… “Out of the adundance of the heart the mouth speaks!” We could change that phrase and say. “Out of the abundance of the heart, art is created.”

My images are of the distant lighthouse. Most times the lighthouse stands alone on these sparse and dangerous outcrops of land. Beacons of hope for sailors in the night. The wild ocean is to be revered and auspiciously navigated. A lighthouse illuminates that which is to be avoided.

A lighthouse gives us direction, a lighthouse can be a metaphorical word for a sailors safety…Psalm 119.105. Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.


pink sunset and a distant lighthouse
Big waves and distant lighthouse
Yacht and lighthouse
A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
waves and Althorpe lighthouse
Yacht race
Light house in the distance
West Cape
West Cape in the big storm
Yacht and Althorpe Island in background
West Cape light house sunset
Cape Spencer lighthouse
Cape Spencer lighthouse


A side note…The Althorpe Island lighthouse in many of my photographs is accompanied by three cottages. Three families lived there for many years manning the lighthouse. Their only access to the island was by boat.  A life devoted to preventing shipwrecks.

A strange and eerie place to visit

A strange and eerie place to visit

Whilst out fishing one day, we discovered at the back of Althorpe Island, a tiny inlet. (called Salmon Inlet.) As we drove the boat in closer the water colour turned from sea blue into a magnificent deep oceanic green. Very beautiful, very majestical, and quite strange. We journeyed in as close as we could and dropped anchor under a cloudless sky and glistening sun. The steep cliffs rising straight up out of the green depths were dark, rocky, and cold. The saturated green colour of the ocean kept changing as the sun moved over the sky. A bird or two appeared and then disappeared. The silence only broken by the occasional cry from these seabirds.

Even though it was winter I could not resist a swim. Freezing!!! I certainly did not stay in for long, perhaps not a swim just a dip! But as short as the swim was I wanted to jump in and experience this magical spot to the fullest. To immerse myself in the beauty of nature. To feel this dark green effervescent water on my skin.

After my swim we had lunch and simply basked in the peaceful, and arresting vista.
It’s a feeling, a longing, an ethereal presence that comes ever so gently when you discover something so unique and special, like this amazing place.

Do you know what I mean?

Beautiful beach at sunset
Sparkling turquoise beach
West Cape at sunset
A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
pink bedroom
my armoire
Lounge room
Walking along the shoreline
Waiting for the surf to come up
Galahs in the evening light
Althorpe Island in the distance

I wonder at the creativity of God. Depths that cannot be touched and heights that cannot be accessed by our human brain.

Slow living, so good for you.

Slow living, so good for you.

I do tend to like this idea of slow living. For I often find I am in a rush. I have this anxious feeling of rushing through all my daily tasks, to bring them to completion asap.
This anxious, rushing, feeling, I can trace back to my childhood. You see from the age of seven, I have had to deal with migraine headaches. Very debilitating. From somewhere around my teenage years, I felt I had to rush to get everything completed in case I got sick with a migraine and had to spend hours in bed with a massive headache. This became a very deeply entrenched habit. More especially in the years I was raising children, you see everything had to be perfect and in order in case anything went wrong.
But as I got older, I have had to retrain my brain and remind myself, they are alot milder these days, why the panic? Tomorrow is another day with a new beginning and a little mess is not going to hurt.
SLOW DOWN, who cares if you take a rest.

Just how do you slow down?

*Gather less stuff. We take nothing into this world and we take nothing out when we leave.
*Read the bible and pray. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
*Begin the day with peaceful, positive thoughts. Your self talk will set you in the right direction if it is life giving and positive.
*Retrain your mind to stop and enjoy.
*Be grateful and make an effort to thank God for all the good things in life.

Thank God for the beautiful sights and sounds…..

A yacht moored for the night swaying in the breezy evening air.
The pink galahs singing in the trees.
Sipping coffee in a garden.
Children singing in the background,
The  laughs of children climbing the sand dunes.
A moonlit night.
A person bathing in the salty seawater.
Children swimming till dusk.
A blue and white wave crashing on the shoreline……
A pink bedroom to relax in.
A pink sunset
A trip on a boat out to sea.
A sea lion relaxing in the cool waters.

Those are truly the things that will make us slow down a little and become enchanted with the daily simplicity’s of life.

A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
Galahs in the evening light
Sea lion relaxing at sea
Waiting for the surf to come up
Wedge island
Outdoors our beach house
A pink bedroom with wooden walls
Lounge with wooden walls
Coffee and magazine
Walking over sand dunes
Two fishing boats in the moonlight
Children and mother walking
Beautiful beach at sunset
Yacht parked for the night
Girls swimming in ocean
Children swimming in the twilight
Out at sea, blue towel
pink galahs flying
Tips on keeping safe at our South Australian beaches.

Tips on keeping safe at our South Australian beaches.

Penguin Point

In the Australian summer on the south coast we can be bothered by many things, flies, mosquitoes, snakes, march flies, a hot sun, ants, jelly fish, sting rays, pounding waves and vicious under tows……you would think that a sunny day at the beach would be the worst place to be in Australia. And yet we flock to the beaches, and enjoy the wonders of a spectacular and yet unpredictable coastline.
I have learnt a few lessons over the years that seem to keep me safe, try these and see if you are happier at the seashore.

1. Having been washed out to sea in seconds when I was a lot younger I am very cautious to check the area for rips. Firstly read the signs and take heed. Look for an area with no waves and white water going out to sea. Stay close to the shore and put your feet on the ground regularly.
2. I never venture out too deep if the area is known for sharks, which is most of our coastline.
3. I apply sunscreen, and reapply later especially my face, and lately I’ve taken to carrying a very light sarong which I immediately drape around my shoulders as soon as I get out of the water. Always wear a sun hat.
4. I never, ever swim alone.
5. I carry an insect net which goes over my sun hat and use it when I need to. Flies are notoriously attracted to facial features, especially mine, and South Aussie has many flies. You can use an insect repellent if you like.
6. I check the ocean waves before setting up camp, especially at surfing beaches where the waves can come in a lot further unannounced. Let me explain. Many years ago with my brand new camera we were equipped and ready to photograph the surfers for the day. Umbrella up and gear placed neatly in piles, within about 10 minutes a huge “after surge” from a powerful wave raced up the beach and absolutely saturated all our gear including my new lens. Fortunately I had my camera in my hand only the lens was ruined. Towels all soaking, food all gone…etc. I learnt my lesson the hard way, when the surf is up you keep a big distance from the shoreline.
7. Never go to an Aussie beach without an umbrella. It gets very hot here. We have a new umbrella which has a tie down for windy days. A marvellous invention.
8. Travel lightly. Buy lightweight cameras, …lightweight umbrella and chairs etc.
9. Don’t take those silly blow up toys out on our beaches when the day is windy, which is most days along our coastline. Two summers ago we had a drowning as a mother tried to save her child who was blown out to sea on a blow up floatation animal.
9.Don’t touch jelly fish, don’t touch stingrays, and look out for concealed rocks beneath the sand. Many a stubbed toe has resulted from kicking an unmovable rock just under the sand.
10. If you are going to venture along the cliffs for a few photographs, either watch out for snakes or wear snake protectors.
11. Don’t take young children swimming at a big wave beach.

I guess that has put you off our beaches…is this my secret weapon for keeping you off the incredibly pristine beaches in South Australia? Well I hope not!
Many flock to the overcrowded beaches in Queensland, where you sit within two inches of another tanned, greased body. But the South Australian coastline although isolated is extremely beautiful and truly lovely for swimming.
Wherever you are, stay safe.



Wendy Philip - artist.

Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth. I photograph mainly local landscapes. I am a story teller, writing a blog when I feel inspired. I also have a love for houses and interior and exterior decor. Stay with me and venture into the wonderful world of photography and beyond.

Photograhic art


7 beautiful black and white ideas of the ocean for your walls

7 beautiful black and white ideas of the ocean for your walls

Black and white book on a bed cover

The influence the ocean has on our homes is subtle but nearly always evident.
Take a look around your home, do you have a shell or two, a blue and white pillow, a potted palm, a framed pic of a boat or yacht, a sea shell necklace, the list goes on?
The ocean, vast and majestical, influences our taste in decor and home furnishings.
I have compiled a few black and white images showing contrasting items which would look beautiful on any wall in our home.

1. Waves of course have patterns, lines and give the viewer a sense of motion.

2. A boat or yacht can convey a sense of freedom. Yachts are one of my favorite things to photograph. The white sail contrasts beautifully with the darker background colour of the ocean.
3. Seabirds another idea which gives a sense of freedom, soaring, flying, gazing. Seabirds make great images which can be converted into balck and white.

4. A splash of colour in a black and white image draws the eye to a particular object.

5. Don’t be afraid of going all light but with one dark object. Contrast is always good in a black and white image.

6. Busy beach scenes seem to be all the go at the moment. So chose a hot afternoon and head to a crowded beach. It’s so much fun planning and instigating a simple photoshoot like this. Take lots of images and then view the details up close. You’ll see people chatting, people eating, swimmers, dogs, children, sandcastles, and all manner of things. 

7. Black and white images are definitely my preference, my walls are enhanced with black and whites from one end of my house to the other. Black and white is timeless. It will not date as quickly as colour. I encourage you to get your black and white ocean images framed and put them on your walls.


Progress on the beach house

Progress on the beach house

Progress has been slow over the winter. Heaps of rain so the water tanks are over flowing. However we have been able to work on the inside as most of the outside is finished.

I have made a tiny garden of local plants. All the same type of grasses for a unified, coherent kind of effect. The ground is very sandy and it is certainly best to chose local plants as not much grows in this area.

We still have plenty to do, but at least we can sleep in the beach house and not in a caravan any longer.

I chose wood for the walls due to its warm feel and the natural vibe it adds to any home.

I’ve made a path out the front from some old left over slate and put white rocks along the front. These limestone rocks are everywhere here. I dont think I’ve seen one beach shack without these limestone rocks.

It is such a lovely place so peaceful and relaxing. Nature at its finest.


holiday house
picture of two women
wooden walls
bedroom in holiday home
Empty room

The beach house, a dream coming true.

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Yellow canola

Canola fields are here again

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