tree in yellow canola field

Yellow the brightest colour in the spectrum.

Fun, stimulating and picturesque, not really the colour one would paint a whole house in. But touches here and there add a vibrant and happy feel to a home. Here are a few thoughts on what to photograph and how to photograph the colour yellow.

1. It’s a magnificent sight to drive along a country road and behold an enormous yellow field. Nothing quite like it! If you live in the country or near some farmland, do take the opportunity to drive and photograph some fields. I don’t put myself into a farmers canola field any more for a selfie, I prefer to be on the edge of the field. I have learnt they work hard and dont need people tramping through their fields.

2. I usually photograph canola fields on a cloudy day. This is just my preference because I prefer the combination of yellow and grey to yellow and sky blue. So chose your weather conditions depending on what you would like to photograph.

3. Yellow cars or scooters are great to photograph, make sure you have your camera with you when navigating the city or when you take a drive on the beach. Use a fast shutter speed if you do not wish to capture any movement.

4. I like a touch of yellow in my home, my yellow linen duvet cover is lovely to photograph… and lovely to sleep in.

5. I do find yellow, maybe a car, maybe a church spire. maybe a yellow dress a very inspirational colour. However too much and it is a little blinding and over powering, as they say..”Everything in moderation.”

6. Yellow is not a common colour in our landscape so in some of my images I have edited them to show a more vibrant yellow colour.

Have fun.