Painting with your soul, the distant lighthouse

Painting with your soul, the distant lighthouse


If you could photograph with your soul, what would your photos look like?

Art is what you see in your soul. Art is a dream you have inside your heart. I photograph what I consider to be some of the most beautiful elements of our earth. Then I add my own interpretation of how I see this picture in my heart.

A painter can paint the thoughts of his heart. A photographer must photograph a scene that is, as it is. If you know what I mean?
Therefore I will remove a piece of rubbish, or add an extra star, or colour the sea a shade greener….and so on. I love to add the painters element to the things I see with my eye.

The distant lighthouse stands alone on these outcrops of land. Beacons of hope for sailors in the night. The wild ocean is to be revered and auspiciously navigated. A lighthouse illuminates that which is to be avoided.

I have endeavoured to paint with my photography a picture of the life of a lighthouse.

A lighthouse gives us direction…Psalm 119.105. Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. 

A beacon of hope shining light into the stormy seas of life.

pink sunset and a distant lighthouse
Big waves and distant lighthouse
Cape Spencer lighthouse
Yacht and lighthouse
A sunset of soft orange and a yacht
waves and Althorpe lighthouse
Yacht race
Light house in the distance
West Cape
Fun with photoshop lighthouse
West Cape in the big storm
Yacht and Althorpe Island in background
West Cape light house sunset
Cape Spencer lighthouse
Cape Spencer lighthouse


The Althorpe Island lighthouse is accompanied by three cottages. Three families lived there for many years manning the lighthouse. This island is isolated and can only be accessed by boat. A life devoted to preventing shipwrecks. But the seas still had their way as their are quite a number of shipwrecks around the tip of Yorke Peninsula.


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