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 SALA no dates no bi line     ART EXHIBITION  "Light in the Dark"

The Sala exhibitions have come and gone, but wow what a month, so many great works and artists!! 


My own exhibition was a great success and all went well. I still have some prints for sale so make sure you check out my Gallery.


I am already planning another exhibition with Sarah Philip more details soon. 


NEWS. I have been selected as a finalist in two categories for the Sala Awards. This is a huge thrill and I am very honoured. Thank you to everyone for all your help, support and encouragement!


Distant sands

W1. Distant sands. Finalist in Sala awards 

Circle of pines

W2. Whisper to me.

Soft clouds sandy hills

W13. White cloud. 


 Copyright, all images belong to Wendy Philip Photography. If you wish to use any of my images for private or commercial use please send me an email and I will respond asap.


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