Styling your rooms with photographic prints


When you craft and shape your home it becomes a safe haven for you and your family and friends. Art becomes a special part of your surroundings and a part of you.

Each room becomes an expression of who you are, your beliefs, values, memories, ideas, your dreams, your passions.....We need to be proud of who we are and how we personally express ourselves.


Beautiful pictures or works of art will bring calm, peace and happiness to the rooms you love.


I live in an old seventies, spanish style cottage, my style is minimal, mediterranean with a bit of rustic country thrown in here and there. (Actually as I look around my rooms many of them have an oddly churchy, gothic feel.)


Over the years we have built two big and beautiful homes from scratch.

However this little old house has given me more joy and happiness than I could have imagined.

It's about finding out what suits you and your personality!


I have my own photographic fine art prints on my walls, I have old art works from my mother who was a painter and also some other paintings from artists around Adelaide.

I enjoy variety and pieces I love and that have a meaning for me. I have an old water colour black and white that my daughter in law painted many years ago of an old church in Urval France.

We visited that spot and I have never quite come across such a beautiful tiny church like this ever again. I never tire of looking at this painting!


Choose  art that:


Brings calm and tranquility.

Colours your world.

Takes you places.

Enriches a memory. 

Makes you laugh.

Makes you cry.

Puts you in a state of absolute and overwhelming awe.

Pulls at your heart strings.

Gives you a sense of freedom.

Enriches your world in a way that nothing else can.




Coffee outside



Corner of house



Wendy Philip black and white



Hydrangea framed

My churchy window.


Black and white trees framed




Bike in the shadows

 At at certain time of the year, for only about a fortnight the sun casts a beautiful shadow on the wall through our front arch.


Shadow on the wall framed




Cane lamp


Bedroom shadows


In the corner framed

 Every corner somehow has a purpose.


My corner

 My Morrocan corner.



 Hallway corner.


Front room


Yellow pic through the door


brown bedroom


Other side

 The other side of the lounge. Taken as the sunset gets darker and darker, such a cosy time of the evening!


Pink bedroom


Frame to the side


Pink umbrella framed


Out back framed


Pictures by the table


Cross on the wall


Silver stand



Wendy Philip - artist.


Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth.