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Fog in the Adelaide Hills.


The fog closes a lot of the world off from our eyes. We see only that which stands out and is close by.  We are shielded from everything but the obvious. This creates a mystical and surreal land in which the imagination can truly work overtime. 

On the last foggy day we had, we simply travelled up to the Adelaide hills and drove around Clarendon and Cherry Gardens. Too easy!! 

I took as many photos as I was able and then processed most of them in an editing programme, which converted them to black and white, called Silver Efex. I then played around in photoshop either adding flowers, birds or houses. 

Seldom scene but often missed.
I thought I just might find you here.
Grey grasses on a grey day.
Grey grasses and dewdrops.
The Christmas tree farm at the top of the hill.
Christmas trees in the fog. Cherry Gardens Christmas tree farm.
I see ewe.
Lady Limb.
Vapid tree.
Trail of white snow drops.
Flowers, flowers.
Surrounded by magic.
Still... no sound to be heard.
Sacred tree.
Autumn finds me brown and drifting.
Valley of the white trees.

Ok... grab a cup of coffee and take a look around your home... hmmm which wall needs a beautiful black and white print adorning it?? Seriously a black and white pic on your wall would look awesome!  

 See you next time, don't forget to grab your camera next time you see fog. Wendy.

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Guest - Leah on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 00:52

Such lovely images Wendy!

Such lovely images Wendy!
Monday, 23 September 2019

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