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The 7 colours guaranteed to reduce stress.


The seven most calming and relaxing colours guaranteed to seriously deplete your stress levels ....

My list of calming colours are an aid to help you get through the pre Christmas season and life in general. 

Take these doses of colour regularly with a few glass's of beer and you will be amazed at the effect it will have on you.

The most calming colour of all time. The top of the charts, the winner hands down is:


Peaceful and calming, blue has tremendous power to manage stress. It is cool, brings relief and is soothing and helps you calm your mind. 

 The 2nd colour on the list is:


This surprises me as I don't know many people who like the colour green, but apparently sweeping green fields, green trees and green landscapes are said to promote peacefulness as they represent nature. Nature is a captivating force which causes us to think about life, death, creation and the realms beyond our being. 

Spiritual and ethereal a connection to a super power that we cannot deny. Those heavenly thoughts all have a calming effect on the mind and body.

 The 3rd colour on the list is: 


A beautiful blend of white and red promotes tranquility and peacefulness. Soft and gentle and often associated with babies and new life. 

Untouched angelic and a glow that effervesces your heart.

 The 4th colour is:


Clean, fresh and soft, white provides our minds with clarity and refreshing. 

The 5th colour on the list is


Serene and eye catching, this amazing colour brings joy and relaxation. 

 The 6th colour on our list:


Would you believe it dull grey?? But grey relaxes and chooses not to stimulate us in any way because of the fact that it is a dull and boring colour. 

Surround yourself with grey and apparently you have very little chance of doing anything other that becoming a couch potato!

Having said that this colour is designed for those of us who find it difficult to unwind and relax. Grey will cause us to focus on a level plane, it will calm our minds and enable us to let go of those disturbingly busy thoughts.

 Last but not least by any means is number 7:


The one colour on the spectrum that captures out attention more than any other. Yellow is magnetic and energetic and yet it still has that calming and peaceful feeling. 

I may have said this before but....Nothing can quite prepare you for that first glimpse of an enormous canola field when driving in the country. No camera can ever hope to catch the breadth, depth and width of those millions of yellow canola flowers all ready for harvest. 

Yellow is exciting, leaving you in awe and amazed which brings a transcendence of your mind and body into the realm of peace and calm. 

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Guest - Cindy on Thursday, 15 November 2018 22:07

amazing photos Pends!!!!

amazing photos Pends!!!!
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