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I have this thought.. what would a person or family love in their home? What type of art would bring a tranquil and peaceful presence into a house.
I have attempted to design my art work with this in mind....Unique, minimal, spiritual, colourful, effervescent ....each and every landscape scene is studied, then photographed, edited, printed and then mailed directly and safely to you.

My photographic art is authentic, signed on the back and limited edition. I print only two of any of my works, then the item is taken off the market.


Each fine art print is printed by Atkins photolab. (Genuine Giclee printing.)

Atkins personal statement: "What is a "Fine Art print'? Many are calling any image printed on matte thick paper "Fine Art" or "Giclée". But these prints are often printed on big photocopiers on business card paper, or dye based inkjets, and have limited quality and longevity.

At Atkins when we say 'fine art' we actually mean it. Our Fine Art Pigment prints are printed on a specially designed ink jet printer that has been carefully calibrated and colour managed. The process produces stunningly detailed prints that will last well over 100 years with proper care. Pigment prints printed in a pro lab, with the high standards a good lab demands, are worthy of being in an art gallery and worth of the words 'fine art'.

We hand colour correct each and every file, regardless of the print size. We will also make sure you are printing on the right paper for the image. Our machinery is carefully monitored and ICC profiled to match the papers. Perfect award winning quality, every time."


Sizes are standard however, I am happy to do a size that is suited to your wall space.


Each fine art print is custom printed especially for you, therefore please allow 10 to 14 working days for your print to arrive.


A4 (210mmx297mm) $150.00
A3 (297mmx420mm) $240.00
A2 (420mmx594mm) $340.00
A1 (594mmx841mm) $430.00

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Category: OCEAN LIFE

Location: The coastline in South Australia is unique, rugged and isolated. often no one else at the beach but me, myself and my book!!

The dolphin and whale images are taken off the Kaikoura coast in New Zealand. Another unique piece of coastline where the deep ocean meets the steep mountains, rather stupendous actually. You wont be needing that book here, too much to see and do. In fact take a look HERE swimming with the dolphins in this unique location is a must do whilst in Kaikoura.

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Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth.