A pink lake called for a pink skirt. ‚Äč

You try wading out into a vast pinkish lake with a camera and a husband and gumboots and hats cause its freezing cold and jackets with nowhere to put down when one changes as you are now in ankle deep salty water. Oh the joys of trying to be in your own photographs. By the time I was finished I had mud and salt everywhere and no water to wash anything off. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink, or wash in.

** To dress up in lovely clothes seriously does your soul good. Your outward appearance is often a reflection of what is on your inside. 

** Find the space to have a pure and beautiful heart and you will discover the joys of the LONG FLOWING PINK SKIRT!

Lake Bumbunga in South Australia is quite a sight. She changes her clothing daily, but I am lead to believe that in mid summer she only wears pink, from one vast end to the other she is clothed in veils of glossy, soft pinks!

We however, struck a day where she wore many colours. 

I am not sure why I am so fascinated by salt lakes but they are one of my favourite things to photograph.

We had a beautiful day, took some stunning shots, and ate a picnic in the sun on the way home!

Silken sands
Castles in my mind
Treasures untold
The salty pink skirt
Fine line
And now we must away and say, "Good bye." As a parting gesture this kind and congenial lake spoke these words to me. " My peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.