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The death of a baby bird,

This last week while out on my daily walk I passed a mother magpie doing all she knew, to protect her young baby, as it had fallen from the nest.. 
Each day I would check on their well being and speak kind words to encourage the mother...... Here is her story.

"Please help, my baby has fallen from the nest to the pitiless and merciless human roadside."
"I pace back and forth along the fence line, my heart is void of all reality."
"As each day passes my baby seems to grow weaker and weaker...
...until today he is no longer with me."
"The human, who has been with me each day, returns to give my baby a decent burial."
"I watch carefully to ensure everything is good."
"So small he never really had a chance."
"Even though my suffering is great, I must help."
"The human throws jasmine all over his frail body."
"One last kiss."
I whisper in his ear..."Your first flight is the flight to heaven, to the stars and beyond, sweet bird, one day we will meet again."
"It is finished, the human has rolled the stones over him, I fly to a nearby tree and sing a funeral song."
"The human has made a headstone, I am thankful and sit for awhile. Here my story ends, as I fly away I think.. Nothing falls to the ground unless our Father knows about it."

It was a strange and quite beautiful experience. I had not realised that the mother had followed me to the neighbours house. When I saw her, I grabbed my camera and just watched and took photos. A wattle bird appeared and she chased him away with great venom, but somehow she let me extremely close to her.

But wait there is more..upon my return the next day..

...there standing on that cold and merciless road, another young fledgling. This bird seemed much stronger and healthier. Hopefully a better chance at life.
Help has arrived, uncles, aunts, mothers and fathers...
I intervened once again and hurried him into the bushes so his fate would not be that of his baby brother.
"I am hiding." he assured me, "No-one can see me now!!"
As I left, I turned and saw the magpie continuing her maternal vigil. "I will watch from on high." may be thinking, silly, annoying, common magpie...however, everything on earth and under heaven is valued and of consequence and significance. Not one sparrow (or magpie) falls to the ground and our Father does not know about it. 

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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