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Sand dunes, Yorke Peninsula


It's hard to believe on my first visit ever to Yorke Peninsula, more than 30 years ago, I vowed most emphatically that I would never return.  

Having come from a cool, green and very clean New Zealand, initially I found South Australian holiday, brown and very dirty and dusty!!

Now... we visit Yorke Peninsula regularly and enjoy the vibrant and diverse landscape. Hence you may have noticed many if not most of my photos are taken around Yorke Peninsula.

If you visit the bottom end of Yorke Peninsula, you will find Inneston National Park, which has an abundance of wildlife, wild scenery and wild surfing beaches...very wild to say the least. 

On our last visit I once again visited the sand dunes behind the beach known as Rock Pools. I hope you enjoy the images.

Take the road that directs you to Daly Heads. As you near the beach you will see the sand hills in the distance.
Keep driving to the beach. Turn left at the top. An enormous staircase stretches down towards this beach. Not for the faint hearted, but start your descent, for at the bottom of the staircase you will see a most extraordinarily turquoise beach. No colour added here!! You can see the start of the sand hills.
Drop all others off at the beach and leave them leisurely swimming.
Start your walk, as time goes on and you wave off a few flies you will notice the grasses get less and less
The sand gets more and more
Sand here and sand there
Cliffs of sand
Valleys of sand.
Hills of sand
Keep climbing through the valleys and along the cliff edges and over the hills.... till you reach the top
Gaze in wonder at the ripples, and notice Wedge Island in the distance.
Climb a little higher
... and time will stand still for a brief moment. Then you will see the waves from the beach below.
Then start the journey back down.
And I told the servant to go look again. He came back and said "Master, I see a cloud the size of a mans fist."
The earth had not been rained upon for many a year.
And so the evening comes, pink sky and we have returned to the lower levels of the peninsula.
Ponder and be peaceful....what an amazing world we live in.
And as the peace descended so the moon ascended. So beautiful.

Thanks one and all, if you got this far.... well you did pretty good, there are a lot of sandy photos up there. Have a wonderful week. W. 

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