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Why repetition is essential to our survival


Time is just an illusion.  

by Author Albert Einstein.

The barista makes his thousandth cup of coffee as if it were the first time, the pilot lifts off for the thousandth time ensuring 100 per cent safety for all passengers, the preacher preaches his thousandth sermon with intensity, the mother corrects her child for the thousandth time calming herself that he will eventually learn, the nurse administers all the medications for the thousandth time checking and rechecking she has it right, the lonely widow prays for the thousandth time for the salvation of her drunken husband.

We all repeat a thousand times over acts of routine, acts of goodwill. We know the results of such acts often go unnoticed or don't seem to count for much. We presume the voice of our good intentions is probably never heard. 

Or..... is that but an evaporative thought which is far from the truth?

For one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day in your sight Lord.​ 2 Peter3.8

What is a thousand in the light of eternity, for eternity will last forever. 
Although we feel that we have repeated or believed for something for so very long, now is not the time to give up.

Never..... ever..... give up.  quote Winston Churchill...for a thousand is a tiny amount when compared to eternity.

God transcends time, there is no time for the universe. 

A thousand black birds
A thousand tiny branches reaching out.
A thousand trees bravely growing on the steep hillside.
A thousand snow drops
A thousand black shags gathering on the pier.
A thousand canola flowers
A thousand white clouds.
A thousand white blossoms.. a tree of life, a tree bearing fruit, a tree of pristine splendour, a tree of destiny.

Who knew that this tree would be photographed and that each tiny flower contributed to the spectacular array of white beauty. Who knew that this tree would be photographed and it would speak to the heart of the individual who was on the verge of giving up on life. 

Who knew that in the light of eternity each and everything on earth and under heaven is of value and purpose?

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