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Find your passion and you find your purpose


Passion and purpose are the closest of kin. They work harmoniously alongside one another. 

​A journey into the deep heart of a country reveals many facets that a coast dweller may never get to experience. 

It is the same with humanity, if you journey into the deep places of your heart you will undoubtedly find longings and desires and unexplored territories waiting to be discovered.

Why not take the journey into your heart and find out what really makes you tick? 

What makes you happy and fulfilled? 

What gives you deep and wholesome satisfaction in life?

Mt Sunday, the location for the filming of some of LORD OF THE RINGS. Who would have known that this spectacular and beautiful spot was there, if someone had not taken the time and journeyed into the deep places of the earth.
Walking to Mt Sunday
Tussocks and lakes.
Where slopes meet the sky.
Lines and plains
And so the sun goes down on the red earth.
Blue and red.
Water of life
Travel to the centre of the earth
Keep on travelling till the day ends
The rocky centre
So majestical!

Finding out about yourself is never a waste of time. It enables you to work harmoniously with yourself and others. We are explorers by nature, trekkers, seekers, wanderers..... 

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.

See you next time. W.

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

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