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How to make your home look good with black and white pics.

My most favourite of all framed pictures have always been black and whites. I remember as a young child gazing at my Aunties framed pictures in her home in Christchurch, New Zealand and loving them. I would dream of the day I could have a home with beautiful pictures like hers.
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How to downsize with minimal fuss.


We have recently shifted...phew what a task it is downsizing, and trying to get rid of things you love... 

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If you feel overwhelmed and tense, breathe deeply....


Breathing correctly and deeply certainly gives a feeling of well being and peace.

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Here's a true story that could just shock you!


This is 100 per cent true, handed down from the generation above...

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Happiness comes from giving and helping, not buying and having.


Giving and helping has been proven to improve your health and general well being.

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