Photos for summer

My new section which I would like to share with you... My home and life around me.  




I have been working on some very cute pics of black and white animals for newborn baby's. Please refer to my latest BLOG for details. An ideal gift! 




We have been shifting from one house to downsizing is difficult. I am the master of organising things into small spaces now.

Our old home was gothic and like a church.  High ceilings and large spacious rooms. Cool, empty and dramatic.

We have moved into a much smaller space, in fact when you get out of bed, you walk into the wall. Lately I am getting used to it and managing to avoid a bump on the head each morning. 

Please take a walk through the rooms below, simple, slightly Scandanavian, very warm, cosy, bright, light and so easy to maintain. 



New home.


House Lounge and white couch

House black and white pears

House hallway

House study table 

   House bedroom with linen duvet

House table and chair

House dining room

House hallway with church pic

House kitchen  

House small bedroom

House white candles

House lounge

More prints below.

I use the photographs I shoot myself, to style and decorate my own personal space. Dreamy cloudy images, cool beachside scenes and green misty forests ... just a few of the ideas and pictures I enjoy. It is not surprising that ones creativity should be enjoyed in our own homes.


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Photo of grey clouds
Draped in white
The grass withers
Summer light house
Summer boating
Summer biking


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