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Hi, I’m Wendy,

 I’m a photographer, blogger, children’s book author, and an online shop keeper. I started out with a passion for photography and soon began writing children’s books and illustrating them with my own photographic images. This developed into a love for travel and landscape photography. It was not long before I began exhibiting and selling my work. My recent venture is setting up an online shop to sell my images.


I blog weekly with thoughts, dreams, and ideas that cross my path. 


I am married and live in South Australia. Most of my photography is done travelling around this amazing state. However each winter, our trip to our homeland...New Zealand, forces me to pack my camera and head for those spectacular snowy mountains...Oh it's a hard life!! 


Photography for me is about connecting with creation and somehow translating that into a visible art form. I would love for my photography to reflect all that is worthy of preservation,

...a beauty so amazing we cannot neglect.



My hope is that you will take a little time to journey with me into the wonderful world of photography and beyond. 


I would love you to check out my NEWS page and see some of MY PRINTS and how they look framed. Your home is where you can create something unique and special.

Most, if not all my photographs in my gallery are for sale. Simply message me using my CONTACT PAGE


Hi, my name is Wendy Philip.

Welcome to my website which is all about my journey and how I came to find my passion.

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